This is just a test for reasons” - Peter G.

Tommy Icarus

I am...

Tommy Icarus

Biography of Tommy included genres played, musical influences, etc.

Tech Rider

Band Equipment

Guitar + amp

Bass + Amp

Drums + Amp

Band Mics

Mic 1

Mic 2

Mic 3

Mic 4

Additional Needs

2 Folding Chairs





The Boathouse Kitchen, Cicero, IN

Big Lug Canteen, Indianapolis, IN

West Fork Whiskey Co, Indianapolis, IN

Books & Brews, Indianapolis, IN

Old Towne Beer Hall, Franklin, IN

Belgian Horse Winery, Middletown, IN

Mashcraft Brewery, Greenwood, IN


Cover Selection

80s Pop Rock

Coheed & Cambria

More 80s

And a dash of 90s


Press Photos

Sample Track

Live at the Center